Strategy Workshops

Work together for greater success. Workshops allow teams to build businesses that are better than what any one individual can envision. A well executed workshop generates input from a diverse group of leaders and influencers in your organization. The decisions and other outputs are better than any single person can create. As a bonus, they create the buy-in and understanding that enables better execution.

Horizon Line Group has three primary touch points to help teams align and stay coordinated on their journey to success:

Strategy Choices Workshop: This workshop introduces the idea of a Strategy Operating System (Strategy OS) and takes the first steps to define and implement it within your company. Topics include Mission, Vision and Values, Strategy Themes and Objectives, Annual and Quarterly Plans, and Setting up the Transform activities to execute your personalized StrategyOS. Once established, a yearly execution of this workshop ensures the business positioning gets feedback and stays refreshed and relevant to emerging trends.

Strategy Refresh Workshop: To stay on track and make progress in delivering your business model, you need to create a regular checkup and renewal. In this workshop, teams review their progress from the last quarter, set new Rocks and Goals for the upcoming quarter and work on important decisions and Issues to accelerate results.

Strategy Execution with Rhythm Audit: Daily and weekly progress on your business model is necessary to ensure priorities are a regular focus of the management team and that progress is not overshadowed by daily running of the business. Learn how to establish a Strategy OS execution rhythm on a daily and weekly cycle. This short workshop then focuses on executing an effective Leadership Team Team meeting. It includes follow-up with structured guidance and feedback to allow for deliberate practice as a team to ensure meetings deliver strong value that leads to long-term success.

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