Swarming Blobs

I laughed out loud as I read this post from Tom Perry. He is Co-presenting the topic: Swarming – The Birds and the Bees and Agile at Agile 08. It would not be quite as intriguing if it were titled: Slime Molds, The Birds and the Bees and Agile. I am sure there is something analogous to self-organizing teams in all this. In the mean time it’s worth a good laugh along with a ‘how bout that.’

One Reply to “Swarming Blobs”

  1. Thanks Jon,

    I appreciate the kudos. Yes, it all goes back to self-organization, and I’m really looking forward to doing the presentation at Agile 2008. But I have to admit that after reading a few too many articles about slime molds, it’s changed how I view the agile world 😉



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