Dedication – At Work and Play

I have not been been blogging much lately, Jon Wins Trestle Segmentbut I am still working hard. This summer has brought an exciting work project helping a BPMS vendor to implement their software to improve internal processes. I love to see their enthusiasm and commitment for the benefits they can generate by implementing their own product.

It has also brought excitement at play. In the Trestle Gravity downhill biking series at Winter Park, I raced to 5 podium finishes including 4 first places to capture the overall series champion for my category. Lots of fun and good comrade. And, some good amount of commitment, focus and fine tuning of skills.

I’ve always believed that success requires dedication. Passion makes the dedication fun. So, I’ve been working hard on both these passions and having fun doing them. Success can only be judged by the results achieved.

What are your passions worth dedication?

Jon Strickler gets air on Rainmaker

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