Conscious Leadership in Two Easy Steps

I spent three days reading Matt Monchary’s book The Great CEO Within twice to better understand and document the lessons that made him one of the most sought after coaches in Silicon Valley. Here are the most valuable lessons for you in two short sentences:

  1. Practice Empathy: “Really imagine yourself in their shoes. If you do this, people will sense it and immediately trust and like you, because they will feel that you care about them and understand their circumstances.”
  2. Motivate with Joy: “Keep pushing forward with the conscious leadership work quickly to get to a place where you are motivated by joy… Joy is an even better motivator than fear, so your business will thrive. And your life will be amazing!” *

Matt’s book is packed full of practical lessons any leader can put to good use tomorrow. Pick it up to study, practice and reference the other secrets he shares that will give you the tools to be a great leader.

* Mochary, Matt; MacCaw, Alex; Talavera, Misha. The Great CEO Within: The Tactical Guide to Company Building (p. 58). Kindle Edition.

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