Why Adopt a Strategy OS

A strategy process or Strategy OS helps leaders build and execute their business vision. But, the benefits are broader than even that ambitious goal. A well implemented Strategy OS also delivers a better quality of life. Let’s explore these two benefits in more detail.

Building and executing the Vision of your Business Model centers around generating the most business success that is possible from your Vision and Mission. A Strategy OS delivers this success by ensuring:

1. Everyone is aligned around your Mission and Vision with common Values
2. Weekly and quarterly cadence work toward desired longer-term outcomes
3. Feedback generates course corrections as needed

Without a functioning Strategy OS, you may be able to stay competitive in the near to medium term. But, eventually business leaders can loose focus or miss important changes in their business Context. This allows progress to drift. Eventually, most businesses hit a wall where a major change is needed. Often, this comes with risks and costs that are difficult to overcome, so business results continue to decline, putting the Positioning out of reach.

With a healthy Strategy OS, your Business Model is delivered incrementally. Modest effort allows progress toward monitored Goals that grow toward your Vision. Regular assessment of progress and consideration of the changing business Context allows renewal and adjustment to your Strategy and Plans so that internal resources and capabilities adapt to changing external trends like customer needs, competitive positioning, and social and regulatory limitations. Improvements and adjustments to your product market fit, go to market activities and other Theme adaptations keep the company competitive and growing successfully toward the Vision. This success manifests as more growth, profits, and impact with less chaos.

This business success allows for quality of life improvements as well. In general, most people want work that matches what Wickman describes as the EOS Life:

1. ​Doing what you love
2.​ With people you love
3.​ Making a huge difference
4.​ Being compensated appropriately
5.​ With time for other passions (from Wickman, Gino. The EOS Life (p. 9))

A healthy Strategy OS allows for all these. The Business Model’s Vision and Mission defines what you love for all to share. A Strategy OS dictates that you hire for Values that match the business needs and that everyone you work with loves the roles they fill and are capable of delivering what is needed. A Strategy OS gives you the tools and process needed to deliver your Mission to make a huge difference. Successful delivery of this Mission creates the profits that allow for appropriate compensation. Finally, all of this is delivered through a process that is part of business as usual without the need for heroic effort and long hours by any one individual or team.

What is most important to one person may not be as important to another. This is true both for your busines and your definition of quality of life. Regardless, once defined, a health Strategy OS is the way to success. What work and life passions will you deliver with it?

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