<100 Employees = You need a PEO

People are your biggest asset. Your biggest cost. And your biggest risk.

  • There are specific laws that must be adhered to when hiring and firing
  • Benefits are costly, especially for smaller companies
  • Learning and running HR compliance, benefits and payroll is time consuming

Most businesses don’t know about professional employer organization (PEO.) These providers take away the concerns of hiring. Outsourcing to a PEO means your team works as employees of the PEO. On your behalf, they:

  • Hire and fire
  • Ensure legal compliance
  • Streamline payroll and expenses
  • Offer benefits (medical, dental, life, PTO, etc.)
  • Support employers and employees

If you are considering hiring your first employee or have less than about 100 employees, strongly consider outsourcing to a PEO. Until you reach 100 to 150 people working on your team, a PEO makes good sense.

Some PEO’s you can investigate are:

  • TriNet
  • Sequoia One
  • Justworks

Once you outgrow a PEO at around 150 people, you’ll need a good payroll provider like:

  • Gusto
  • Zenefits
  • Rippling (also offers PEO)

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