Become Level 5 to go from Good to Great

In his book, Good to Great, Jim Collins credits level 5 leadership as a defining characteristic of those who guided their companies to great success by outpacing the average in his study.

As a point of entry, these leaders demonstrated foundational skills of finding and organizing the best people, and catalyzing commitment with compelling vision and values. Those leaders who were most successful added these defining traits:

1.    Humility: Level 5 leaders do not seek personal glory or attention. They credit their success to the efforts of their team and the organization as a whole.

2.    Professional will: Level 5 leaders have a strong determination to succeed and are willing to do what it takes to achieve their goals. They are unrelenting in their desire to produce sustained results and to make a lasting impact on their organizations.

3.    Personal responsibility: Level 5 leaders know intuitively that their actions ultimately determine the success or failure of their team or organization. They do not blame others or make excuses. They build up, coach, and support all those on their team to deliver their best.

4.    Fanatic discipline: Level 5 leaders are highly organized, focused on the most valuable contributions they can make, and follow through on their commitments, even if faced with difficult challenges.

5.    Thoughtful reflection: Level 5 leaders are reflective and seek to learn from their experiences and the experiences of others. They reserve time for the deep work needed to to make the business better. They are open to feedback and continuously seek to improve themselves and their team.

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