Start with these Fundamentals

Leaders can reach their vision by adopting these 8 fundamental practices. They deliver the results to reach success. The StrategyOS works with these fundamentals by creating a process to execute them as part of your daily work. This super post overviews and links to detail posts on each practice.

Keep Score

A scorecard is the best way to ensure progress toward your vision. Completing rocks and action items and resolving issues is only valuable if it can eventually be measured on the score card that demonstrates results are achieved and you are working toward your Vision. Scorecards check the health of the business model by monitoring …

Different Metric Types Meet Different Needs

Enterprises should differentiate between different types of metrics and how they are used. Lagging, Leading and Diagnostic measures should be combined to ensure they are supporting long-term objectives while focusing on intermediate and daily activities that make a difference. As a quick reference consider the following table for getting the right mix: Type Definition Review …

How Many?

When setting process measures, there are four key areas where I start: Volume Cycle Time Efficiency Quality I’ll be exploring these over a series of blog posts on Measures starting with this post on Volume. Volume seems like a simple measure. At its root, it is concerned with how many. Lets consider a simple a …

Cycle Time as a Primary Measure

Mishkin Berteig has a great post up at his blog titled Measuring Process Improvements - Cycle Time. In it, he eloquently details why development teams should care about and manage cycle time. It complements nicely my First Law of Development and I encourage giving it a deep read.

Measure Outputs for Success

If you want to ensure success, forget input measures and focus on measuring outputs. Track deliverables completed. Measure quality. Track burn down. Ensure risks are being mitigated. Measure tangible impacts to ensure value is being delivered. Measure customer and stakeholder confidence and user satisfaction.