Different Metric Types Meet Different Needs

Enterprises should differentiate between different types of metrics and how they are used. Lagging, Leading and Diagnostic measures should be combined to ensure they are supporting long-term objectives while focusing on intermediate and daily activities that make a difference. As a quick reference consider the following table for getting the right mix:

Type Definition Review Freq Examples Baseball analogy
Lagging Show results and attainment of goals. Typically take time to get outcome. Quarterly, Yearly to Multi- Year • Revenue

• Profit

• Final Game Score

• Win/Loss Record

Leading Give early indication into trends. Weekly to Monthly • Average price

• New Sales Booked

• Runs

• Outs

Diagnostic Show why results were achieved and how improvements can be made. Real-time to Daily or Weekly • Bookings by type, time, customer, region

• Cohort conversion metrics

• Pitches thrown

• Errors

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