Do You Need BPM?

Business Process Management (BPM) application suites push the power of design, execution and improvement of processes toward business users.  You’ve invested a bunch of time, energy and money on your enterprise systems over the years. As soon as those implementations were complete, perhaps even before, something changed in your business. Immediately, the systems you put in place were obsolete leading to the creation of inefficient workarounds, renegade applications or manual processes. BPM allows you to improve how you execute current processes, insures that your enterprise systems continue to deliver the value promised and protects future technology investments.  If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may benefit from the power of BPM:

  • Are there examples where customer expectations are consistently not fully met?
  • Are routine transactions handled well, but any exceptions cause excessive effort and delay?
  • Are there established best practices that are not being followed by all staff members?
  • Do regulatory requirements or service levels dictate that specific procedures and timeframes are met or penalties are incurred?
  • Do teams need to work collaboratively, coordinate activities, or gain expertise quickly and only have email to assist?
  • Do individuals have to use multiple software applications to complete their step in a process?
  • Do business rules change frequently due to promotions, and other changing business needs?
  • Are there areas where work spans multiple organizations?
  • Is it difficult for managers to get real-time reports on key process metrics like average transaction processing time or to find specific bottlenecks?
  • Have manual workarounds been implemented to compensate for inadequate systems?

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