BA World Symposium Conference

I spent the last 2 days at the BusinessAnalystWorld Symposium Conference in Denver. My key takeaways were:

  1. Even as agile awareness and interest grows in organizations, there are still many cultural hurdles and misconceptions to overcome before it becomes widely adopted
  2. Grass roots on small projects is still the most common method of introducing agile (at least in larger organizations)
  3. Remarkable people accomplish heroic things everyday at their work, often without even recognizing how remarkable they are

For those that asked for slides to my presentation at the conference you can download them at this link: Agile Thoughts – Exploring the Philosophy and Mechanics that Make Agile Work. I appreciate the participation and feedback from everyone in attendance. Please leave me a comment if you have any additional feedback from the presentation, the panel, or if I can help clarify anything we discussed there or have thought of any new questions.

I also thank the great panelists we had that shared their thoughts and answered questions at The Role of the BA in an Agile Environment Panel. Their companies are lucky to have them at the helm of their agile transitions. I endorse each of them: Grace Goerdel, Product Manager from Graebel, Inc.; Greg Haynie, Vice President Application and Database Development, Health Grades, Inc.; Alicia Yanik, Project Manager and Advanced Scrum Master; and Von Rhea, Director, Corporate Express.  Also, thanks to Pete Behrens for helping to fill a last minute need.

BA World put on a first class conference with a great agenda and great attendees. I look forward to their return next year. Congratulations to Adam Kahn and his team from BusinessAnalystWorld and for an outstanding performance.

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