Gartner Says Most Organizations Lack All the Skills Needed to Implement and Optimize Their Business Processes

While this article is not new, its title caught my eye while doing some other research.  Quite a bold statement from Gartner. I wonder why there’s not the typical 80% chance by 2010 parenthetical?

I do agree with the extract: “Successful BPM requires an agile iterative approach to process change. Many internal IT organizations and external service providers (ESPs) are still practicing business process re-engineering, using ‘waterfall’ software development methods and calling this ‘BPM’,” said Michele Cantara, research vice president for Gartner. “BPM is intended to empower business stakeholders to work collaboratively with IT to change the solutions supporting business processes. Most ESPs do not possess the governance, modeling and change management skills to effectively foster this collaboration.”

Quite an endorsement for Agile from Gartner! You can read the article here to find 11 less agile steps that Cantara recommends to help determine how organizations should source BPM skills.

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