BPM Adoption Helping Fight Downturn

I love the recent article by this title on CBR online. It quotes Gartner’s Michele Cantara as saying that companies who are prepared to ramp up their BPM investments now will be better poised for growth when the economy recovers. A recent Gartner surveys show spending on BPM is expected to increase by 5% more over the next 12 months. Gartner believes BPM has been a top CIO priority for some years, but that lately its importance has been elevated because BPM projects “act as a catalyst for cutting costs, improving productivity, accelerating business performance and bringing business and IT together.”

Cantra recommended that organizations consider BPM by prioritizing existing projects, and determining how any suspended or new projects should be prioritized, sequenced, funded and staffed for the return of business growth.

I agree. Start with a strong business case and BPM projects become an easy investment to justify. I am currently working to document ROI for two large BPM projects. It looks like the first will have a payoff in less than 6 months and the second even faster. In a time when many companies are deferring IT investments, these two companies are committing to invest in BPM to gain savings and competitive advantage. The business case is too compelling to defer commitment.

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