Who are the Cool BPM Vendors?

gartner_logo_2010.jpgSince they knew you wanted to know, Gartner is just out with their list of Cool BPM vendors. These are vendors that are innovative, interesting, and have or will have a business impact on the future of IT. Interestingly, none of the established players make the list. Who did? This from CMS wire:

BizAgi, based in Bogota, Colombia, focuses on handing more responsibility to business users to improve processes. Its principal products include a free BPMN 1.2-based modeler, an Express Edition and its “model once, execute anywhere” edition which have all contributed to building a wide customer base that includes 150 academic institutions.

ICCM Solutions provides an IT service management (ITSM) and service desk solution built on Metastorm BPM. Its principal product, e-Service Desk , which comes on-premises and as a hosted service, supports Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes across all phases of the business process life cycle using a BPMS that gives scope for continuous improvement in processes.

PNMSoft has developed processes that help business process outsourcing companies respond more efficiently and quickly to the changing process needs of their clients. It also focuses on improving end-to-end demand management processes between the business process outsourcing provider and its client organizations.

Questetra provides a cloud-based solution to manage human workflow and improve worker productivity. It offers business people, who have no programming or systems knowledge, a simple to use workable platform for process improvement running on a shared Amazon EC2 infrastructure. It charges a US$ 10 per end user per month fee for this cloud service.

WhitesteinTechnologies applies processes that have the ability to self-adapt to changing business conditions. Focusing on an agile and dynamic world, the architecture, using a multiagent approach, ensures self-adaptive behavior in processes whether those behaviors are proactive or reactive.

To me, ICCM sounds a little nerdy. The two that sound coolest (if they live up to the promise) are Questetra, which promises cloud based BPM for the masses and WhitesteinTechnologies, that claims to adapt to changing processes. Kewl.

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