ROI Calculator Defines Business Value


I recently updated my ROI Value calculator. I first discussed this calculator and the approach for quantifying value in the presentation linked to in Creating Value Stories. Since then, I’ve refined some of the categories and identified additional strategies for generating benefit from process improvements. Modifications bring the benefit strategies to 29 across the categories in the benefits tree above. Process improvement from BPM, Lean, and other initiatives generate quantifiable business value through one or more of these strategies.

This calculator is currently deployed to support sales at a BPM software vendor. Three of their new customers have signed up for projects based on using it in assessing their processes. A financial services COO recently commented during a value review that process improvement was the only way they would survive going forward as their margins continue to be squeezed from every direction.  Especially in today’s environment, I suggest all sales processes start with this approach if serious about moving discussions forward.

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