Why Create Centers of Excellence

I’ve been focused on setting up centers of excellence recently. I will be sharing a series of posts addressing some of the lessons and take aways from that experience in a few upcoming Centers of Excellence posts.

The first question many customers ask is why would I want a center of excellence? The best answer is because it drives valuable results. A recent Forrester study of BPM shows that having a center of excellence significantly enhances the ability of an organization to meet or exceed the goals that center supports.

Source: Forrester October 2007 US and UK Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management Online Survey

My own experience bears this out. When governance, a support structure, guidance, measurements and shared learning exists across an organization, success is far more likely. Success will support organizational and specific projects goals. A need to gain results should be the primary motivation for creating any center of excellence. Or stated another way, the motivation/need for and expected results from a center of excellence should be well thought out and articulated unambiguously to server as the foundation for the creation of any center of excellence. Without this, it cannot be successful.

6 Replies to “Why Create Centers of Excellence”

  1. I have been trying to locate more accross the organization reasons to create COEs, e.g. benefits an organization may receive from the creation of COE. Also helpful would be the “How to” part of setting up an COE.
    Any help, directional pointers, would be helpful.


  2. Hello Jon, what insights can you share regarding Talent Acquisition COEs for the Latin America Region –more in terms of communication of such taking into consideration the LA work culture and how talent acquisition/staffing is an intricate part of HR. Thanks.


    1. Patricia,
      Thanks for the note. I am not sure I can offer specific insight. You’re situation is unique and may have special circumstances. In general however, first agree to what results you want to enable, and work from there. That should not change regardless of any special circumstances.
      Good luck with your initiative.

      Good luck with your initiative.


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